Rough Patches

I’ve been having some bad days recently. An adventure that I loved dearly came to an end. 

Yesterday afternoon my dog, Sidney, passed away. She was old, so it wasn’t a total shock, but it still affected me a lot. Sidney was a German Shepherd mix. The father is thought to have been a retriever of some kind, or a coyote. She looked part coyote. When she was little, her ears would stick straight up. She was black and beige and the most gentle dog you could ever meet. This sounds harsh, but usually I think people who make a big deal over an animal dying are too sensitive. Especially if the animal wasn’t very old. But having experienced it, I see it a little differently now. I remember getting Sidney when I was in first grade. I was so excited and she was so little and soft I just loved her so much. She grew up to be gentle and protective and the best dog my family has ever had. 

I’ve realized that death is never a timely thing. Even though she was 15 years old and had slowed down a lot, I wasn’t ready for her to go. I don’t think I would have ever been ready for her to go. Yesterday was a hard day for me. Today I noticed her absence when I walked through my backyard. It’s going to take some time to get used to. And it’s made me think about a lot of things. Life is precious, and I strive to always treat it that way. 


8 thoughts on “Rough Patches

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog passing. It’s true that some people might not realize how the passing of a pet can effect a person until they experience that feeling for themselves. Be strong. You’re not alone.

  2. I am Sorry that you lost a good companion, that’s not a good feeling at all. As far as rough patches goes, I understand completely. This last few weeks, I feel like I want to die, because I have been going crazy, with homework, grades, and family. The one thing that we have to do is try to stay positive, keep our faith, and lastly not give up, because when we do, we cause more pain to others then we do ourselves. I hope that you can stay positive and remember that no pet is really gone, because the memories that you made with them, are the things that count most.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Animals can often become almost like part of our families, and it is amazing how they hold a special place in our hearts. She will be greatly missed.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, Lauren. Losing a pet is never easy, especially one that has occupied such a major part of your life. When I was 16 I had to put my dog Bandit down who was also 15 years old at the time. It was the hardest experience I had gone through at that point in my life. But the experiences I had with Bandit and how much he impacted my life kept his memory alive and was a comforting reminder. I always think of the quote “Be the person your dog thinks you are” when I lack clarity or when I can’t seem to find my moral compass. It will be hard at first as will the adjustment to her absence, but each day will get easier and the memories that cause you pain will start to bring you joy in remembering Sidney’s life.
    RIP Sidney<3

  5. I am so so sorry. I also know first hand how that feels- I too lost a pet and things have not been the same since. You can never fill the void. For me, Tania (boxer-pitbull mix) was part of the family and unfortunately did not leave us from old age. But, like Danny said, the memories help with the absence, and as time goes on it gets easier. Remembering the good times gave me strength and I hope that your fond memories will also bring you strength and happiness. Pets, or actually, dear friends and family members are and will always be a blessing in our lives.
    I keep you and Sidney in my prayers.

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