Studying Abroad


This summer I am going to the Seventh-day Adventist college in Collonge, France to fulfill my university language requirement. I am going with my sister and my cousin. We will be attending classes for six weeks to learn French. In addition to that, we will be taken on field trips in the afternoons. I am so excited for summer to come! Almost everyone I’ve spoken with who has gone abroad to study says it’s a wonderful experience, but they don’t learn the language as well as they could. This is because they are comfortable with speaking English and don’t push themselves as hard as they can. Do you think I should try to seclude myself from English speakers and really focus on my French?


2 thoughts on “Studying Abroad

  1. Absolutely avoid English speakers! If you can, take yourself to coffee shops, etc. and just soak up the language and don’t be afraid to start conversations with strangers. Wish I had take that advice. I would love to spend a summer back there (but I’ll be starting a new adventure of my own this summer).

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