Stacey’s Birthday

Finals are over and spring break has officially begun! To kick start it, one of my best friends, Stacey, had a birthday! A group of about 13 of us went out for sushi. It was my first time and I loved it. The thought of raw fish has always made me a little uncomfortable, but I wanted to know what all the rage was about. I tried a Golden California Roll at Asahi and loved it. It was definitely was the perfect gateway roll to help me get hooked!

IMG_2150 IMG_2135

Pablo got the Volcano Roll, which was essentially a California roll with baked salmon. It was really yummy too!


It was both Pablo and my first time trying sushi. It’s pretty safe to say we’ll be going back for more.

IMG_2204Here’s a blurry picture of Stacey and me. Blurry pictures are one of my pet peeves but I liked this one too much not to post!

We had a fun dinner and then went out for boba. There’s a place in downtown called Boba Fiend that we like to go to that is pretty cheap for the amount they give you. (They also have $1 specials every Monday night. Perfect for college students!) I am so stuffed I couldn’t eat anything else if I wanted to!


We love you Stacey! I am so blessed to have someone like you in my life. You bring laughter to everything and have a heart of gold. Thank you for everything you do and for how you’ve touched my life. Love you.


Tomorrow morning we’re off for a girl’s day to Carlsbad to see the flower fields. I’ll write about it soon! xx


Ta Ta For Now!


Well, this is our last required blog post. The theme I chose was adventure, which is why my blog focused on a lot of outdoor activities. After this, though, it may take more of a lifestyle turn. We’ll see where this new adventure leads us! Happy almost spring!


Dead Week

It’s that time of the quarter when everyone turns to zombies and studies like crazy. Dead week, the week before finals, is a time for students to pull all-nighters, eat, and cram. I say eat because I believe eating is an important part of the studying process. It’s so nice to much on something delicious while studying a yucky subject (such as math!) I started studying the Saturday night before dead week. Kylie and I went to Lift and sipped on some lattes while we created resumes, cover letters, and reflection papers. The coffee was a great distraction from our work.

photo (1)

I’m also a firm believer in rewarding people with food. If I’ve just finished something stressful or completed a big project, I want to pamper myself with something delicious. We finally turned in the mentioned homework above. (And then some). Afterward, Kylie, Lana, and I went to rite aid and enjoyed some ice cream. Thrifty ice cream really is the best! Going clockwise: Rainbow Sherbet, Mint Chip, and Coconut Pineapple.


Make sure to treat yourselves this dead week!



I’ve already mentioned that this winter has been really dry and we’ve hardly received any rain. I love the rain. I love it so much. It always seems to rain in the middle of the night, so we never get to enjoy it. This past weekend it rained starting Thursday night and ending Sunday morning. It really poured. I enjoyed a fire, matcha lattes, and wearing fuzzy socks. It was really nice. but now it’s back to sun, sun sun. I am excited that spring is coming. I cannot wait to wear sandals, drink lemonade, and go to the beach!

photo (2)

Hope you guys have a great day!


photo 2 (1)photo 1

This weekend we finally got some rain! It has been so dry (and warm) this winter in Southern California. We were teased with the idea of some cooler, damper weather, only for the sun to come out today. Oh well. We do live in a desert.

A lot of the time when it’s rainy out I feel like curling up with some coffee by a fire. I did enjoy some cozy time, but I also decided to go adventure in the rain. On Sunday morning Pablo and I went to hike Skyline, a mountain range in Corona, CA. We popped our hiking boots, our rain shells, and we were off.

Since it had been raining all weekend the ground was really muddy. We sloshed our way up the path. The stream that runs alongside the trail was quite full and the sound of raindrops pattering on the leaves was really relaxing. We had hiked for about two miles when it started to rain really hard. We took a few movies with Pablo’s new go pro and then turned around. I haven’t had a chance to look at the videos yet, but hopefully I will be posting some in the future!

We were cold and drenched by the time we reached our car. Coffee sounded nice, but we looked like messes and decided against it. All in all, hiking in the rain is really fun and definitely something I would do again. But make sure you have a good, rain-proof coat!