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This weekend we finally got some rain! It has been so dry (and warm) this winter in Southern California. We were teased with the idea of some cooler, damper weather, only for the sun to come out today. Oh well. We do live in a desert.

A lot of the time when it’s rainy out I feel like curling up with some coffee by a fire. I did enjoy some cozy time, but I also decided to go adventure in the rain. On Sunday morning Pablo and I went to hike Skyline, a mountain range in Corona, CA. We popped our hiking boots, our rain shells, and we were off.

Since it had been raining all weekend the ground was really muddy. We sloshed our way up the path. The stream that runs alongside the trail was quite full and the sound of raindrops pattering on the leaves was really relaxing. We had hiked for about two miles when it started to rain really hard. We took a few movies with Pablo’s new go pro and then turned around. I haven’t had a chance to look at the videos yet, but hopefully I will be posting some in the future!

We were cold and drenched by the time we reached our car. Coffee sounded nice, but we looked like messes and decided against it. All in all, hiking in the rain is really fun and definitely something I would do again. But make sure you have a good, rain-proof coat!


6 thoughts on “Skyline

  1. wow that sounds like a scene from a movie. luckily you guys didn’t get sick. i love the rain and as a kid i would always dream of playing in the rain because it seems so peaceful and relaxing. i just need to get some hiking boots!

  2. That sounds like a pretty dope weekend! I actually went off-roading this weekend in the rain and mud! So much fun! I wish I could have borrowed Pablo’s go pro though! haha

  3. Just brought a sense of my childhood, I use to love going and running around in the mud after the rain. I do however think you should have gone for the coffee, you could have pretended the dirty look was simply a new bohemian style.

    • We were wearing hiking clothes and were all wet. We actually walked into a place and everyone turned and stared at us! We decided against coffee and went out for Thai after we got cleaned up.

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