Dead Week

It’s that time of the quarter when everyone turns to zombies and studies like crazy. Dead week, the week before finals, is a time for students to pull all-nighters, eat, and cram. I say eat because I believe eating is an important part of the studying process. It’s so nice to much on something delicious while studying a yucky subject (such as math!) I started studying the Saturday night before dead week. Kylie and I went to Lift and sipped on some lattes while we created resumes, cover letters, and reflection papers. The coffee was a great distraction from our work.

photo (1)

I’m also a firm believer in rewarding people with food. If I’ve just finished something stressful or completed a big project, I want to pamper myself with something delicious. We finally turned in the mentioned homework above. (And then some). Afterward, Kylie, Lana, and I went to rite aid and enjoyed some ice cream. Thrifty ice cream really is the best! Going clockwise: Rainbow Sherbet, Mint Chip, and Coconut Pineapple.


Make sure to treat yourselves this dead week!


6 thoughts on “Dead Week

  1. Honestly, when it comes to dead week, it seems like teacher want us to do more work in one week then we did all Quarter long, I honestly don’t understand. Also it drives me crazy that everything has to be crammed into one week, especially since finals are usually the week right after. All I can say is, I hope you and everyone else can survive, because I know that it truly is not easy or even fair.

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