Collonges, Summer 2014

Bonjour! After much planning and waiting, my sister Rachel, my cousin Maddi and I are in France! Well, we’re not in France yet. We’re staying at my aunt’s house in Switzerland. But we’ll be in France later this afternoon. We’re going to take six weeks of French classes at Collonges, the Adventist college in France. After a long journey, we’re finally here inSwitzerland! image We took a red eye from LAX to Zurich. Of course, we were seated directly next to the toilet for our 11 hour flight. But everything else went well. The food on Swiss air was surprisingly good. We had pasta, bread rolls, and salad. My only complaint was that they didn’t have ginger ale. That’s my go-to in-flight drink! image   We landed in Zurich around 8 am, U.S. time. We were supposed to have about a half hour from the time we got off of the plane to get to our second flight. We got through customs with ten minutes to reach our terminal. We were running through the airport. As we ran up, we saw that our flight had been moved from terminal 54 to 86. With 5 minutes left til boarding, we sprinted like mad men through the entire airport to get to the opposite wing. We arrived and walked right on to the plane, sweating and panting. It was definitely a close call.   image We later found out that the change of terminals was because the plane we were originally going to take had some sort of malfunction. Our second flight was on a smaller plane and only lasted for 35 minutes. On the first flight we were seated in the middle. But this second one we could look out the windows. I can’t even express how happy I am to be back here in Switzerland. I have such a love for this country. It’s absolutely beautiful.   image My aunt and uncle picked us up from the airport in Geneva and took us back to their house. We freshened up and then ate a delicious dinner of carrot cappuccino soup, (it’s spicy and savory), salad, and salmon. My aunt is such an amazing cook. It’s gonna be a big shock when we get to Collonges and have caf food for every meal. Yay.   image This is our dinner. Be jealous! This morning we are just taking it easy. We had another delicious meal of croissants, bread, and 4 minute eggs. We’re taking our time getting ready and then are heading over to the school this afternoon to move in! I’ll try to post again soon, but we’ll be in orientation and taking placement tests, so I can’t make any promises. A tout à l’heure!


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