Salut! It’s been a few days since I’ve written. We have been getting accustomed to the new time. (But actually, not really though. We are all exhausted and don’t sleep well at night. I have never had jet lag this bad before in my life). It’s been surprisingly easy to wake up though. The sun comes up early and sets at around 10 pm. This coming Saturday it will be the longest day of the year!

The weather has been really nice. It’s been in the 80s during the day and cool and misty in the mornings. It rained yesterday, which was refreshing. I’ve been craving rain so much since we hardly got any this summer I’m Southern California. The grounds of the school are really nice. The grass is green and bright flowers are planted everywhere. I haven’t taken pictures or the campus yet, but I promise I to and will post them when I do.

We started our classes this morning. I placed into intermediate French. Growing up my dad spoke French to me. I was exposed to it at an early age, but didn’t write or read it extensively. Surprisingly, I tested into one of the higher levels. I was worried that I’d be behind at first, but I feel as though my classmates are at the same level. We read a lot and then discuss the text in class. It gives us the opportunity to speak a lot, which is really helpful. The teacher, Gosia, (pronounced Go-shia), won’t speak a word of English to us. She won’t even let us explain something to the other students in English. We have to try our best to explain in broken French. It’s challenging, but it really makes us learn it.

This afternoon we went to Geneva. We walked for almost three solid hours. I love Geneva so much. The old buildings are beautiful and there are so many unique things to see. Since taking Intro to Graphic Design I notice design in public places a lot more. Switzerland has some very cool design.



This clock is made entirely of flowers. How cool is that?!

I was planning on posting more photos but WordPress is telling me there’s am http error, even though the picture above is the same format. So unfortunately I can’t share the others right now.  I’ll try to post them tomorrow. Until then!


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