Finally Friday

It’s finally the weekend! School starts at 8 a.m. for us each morning and ends at noon. In the afternoons we have various activities planned. Yesterday we went rock climbing on a boulder at the base of Mount Saleve (the mountain behind the school). Several times a week we have worship where we sing both English and French songs. Tonight’s worship thought was given in French, but there was a translator for the people in the beginning levels of French. It was similar to first service, or the Friday night worship service in the states. There were quite a few people from the community who I had never seen before.

Today we got out of class and cleaned the bathroom and the hallways. There are 16 plus girls living on our hall. Let me tell you, it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. The cleaning equipment wasn’t quite up to par, but we did our best. I’m very tankful we don’t have to get that intimate with the bathrooms for several more weeks.

After cleaning we needed a break. Rachel was tired so she stayed back, but Maddi and I decided to go to Geneva. We walked down the hill and caught the 44 bus. Then we took the number 12 tram to the heart of the city. We walked around and found the Jet D’eau, a huge fountain on the lake. (Well, I guess it’s technically in the lake). The 459 foot tall water spout was created by to release pressure in a hydraulic power network. People saw its grandeur and decided to move it. It sure is a spectacle. At any given time there are 1,849 gallons of water in the air. We can even see the fountain from the campus! We enjoyed some gelato and watched the Jet D’eau for a while and then moved on.

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My travel buddy!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


My pistachio and tiramisu gelato and the Jet D’eau.

There are so many beautiful buildings in Geneva. There’s a hustle and bustle that makes the city feel alive. Trams and trains and busses weave in and out of city streets. Lots of people ride Vespas or motorcycles. Contrary to the constant movement of traffic, people take their time. Couples can be seen laying in the grass or enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee together. It truly is a society that knows the value in taking a break from busy everyday life. I think this is something we should try to learn in the U.S.

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The wires for some of the buses and trams.

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This was a random swimming pool in the middle of the river. It looked exclusive and actually like a lot of fun.

We wanted to grab a map of the city, so we stopped by a tourist information center. Right by the doorway was one of the cows! These cows are all over Switzerland in different places. They are all painted differently. It’s fun to see them because they are in very unexpected places. This is me showing some love to the cow.

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We grabbed snacks (bread, tortilla chips, mustard, tea, meringues, and several types of chocolate) and headed back up the mountain. After worship we came to our room and here I am. Tomorrow after church we are going up the Saleve. I’m really excited! It’s bedtime here so I’ll write more later. Bonne nuit


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