Church in Collonges

We have a few minutes right now before we climb Mount Saleve behind the school so I’m gonna post.

This morning we slept in and missed Sabbath School (shame on us) and breakfast. We ate the pull apart bread with mustard and some butter and apples we smuggled from the caf. We’ve learned that in order to survive, smuggling is necessary. It was quite a while before we realized the time. We scrambled to get ready for church and then hiked up the hill to it.

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As soon as we entered the church, we knew something was off. There was only one other person in the program there. We sat in the back row. Rachel and Maddi had a more difficult time understanding, but I could comprehend almost everything that was said. The service was very dynamic. There were many readings and songs. At one point in the program a group of women danced to a song in Hebrew. The church seems very relaxed and quite contemporary. Today’s message was all about the joy that comes from living in Christ and sharing with others. at the end of the service the children exited first. They stood at the doors and gave each member a balloon. After everyone had exited the church, all of the balloons were released. It was really sweet.

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We ate lunch and are getting ready to go on our hike now. I’ll post pictures tonight, or maybe tomorrow if I’m not too tired. We’re going to Annecy tomorrow, so that’ll be a full day. And we also have homework. No more free time wondering what to do anymore!

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