I Don’t Know


So, things have been picking up here. Between classes and excursions we sleep well every night. Lots happens every day!

On Thursday we got out of class at noon, as usual, and then Gielle and I went to Geneva. We walked down the hill to the bus stop and made our way into town. We walked around for a while. I’ve wanted to have really good coffee here, but I never know where to go so we walk around until we get tired without ever finding a place. I need to change that. We walked the city until 7:30 p.m. and then found a place to grab dinner. It was a little restaurant that served mostly yogurt, cake, and coffee (go figure). We were hungry for food food. I ordered the gaspacho and she got a green smoothie. They left us a whole basket of bread that was delicious. All for 7 euros! It was really a score. Then we trekked up the hill. We chatted with some of the girls and then hit the hay.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


This is miss Gielle. You’ll probably be seeing her in a lot of photos.

Fridays are nice fore me because I only have 2 hours of class. It starts at 10, so I usually miss breakfast and just eat some bread in my room. We lounged around yesterday instead of going into town. There was a large group attending some meetings that were held in one of the auditoriums, so dinner was delayed. As a result, we had Friday night worship on the field outside the central building on campus. It was really nice out.

image (19) - Copy

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This is some of our group here. Starting from the left: me, Nathalia, Rachel, Gielle, and Michelle. Maddi was gone Friday afternoon and Sabbath spending some time with a friend who is traveling here in Europe.

Today we made it to Sabbath school on time (hooray!) and then went to church. We did more lounging this afternoon. I’m having such a fun time here. At first I had a bad attitude and wasn’t taking advantage of being here. But I’ve met some really amazing people and I’m having so much fun!

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From church earlier today. And this is Michelle. She’s here learning French with her husband Ricardo because they’re moving to Belgium as missionaries and need to know the language. They are some of the sweetest people ever! (And how fantastic does she look for being 32?!)

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I hope everyone had a good Sabbath. Tomorrow we leave at 8 to visit the Gruyere and Cailler factories. Cheese and chocolate. I couldn’t be more excited!


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