Lyon Love

This past Tuesday I fell in love with a city. Lyon is absolutely amazing. School was cancelled for an all-day field trip. We left the campus at 6 a.m. to catch the train. Almost three hours later we arrived. The first thing we did was hike up a mountain to get to the Basilica of Notre-Dame Fourviere. What beheld us was the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen in my entire life. 

After marveling at the cathedral for a while, a few of us decided to pay 6 Euros for a private guided tour. We were taken up into the balconies, to the towers, in the room where the architects perfected their designs, and to the bell tower. We ended the tour with a rooftop view from the tallest tower. The scenery was amazing. It was the best 6 Euros I’ve spent this whole trip. So worth it. 

Afterward we ate crepes for lunch. Mine was salmon and goat cheese and oh so good! It was only 8 Euros and filled me up, which was a good deal. We grabbed gelato (unpictured) and then had a couple of hours to do some shopping. 

I’ve never fallen in love with a city before. But there was just something about Lyon that stole my heart. All of the buildings were beautiful. The magnificent cathedrals and churches, the cobblestone roads, the relaxed feel. It had the feel of being a quaint little city, even though it is large. Our tour guide was telling us about all of the attractions to visit in the city and it sounded like such an interesting place! I only wish we could have spent a weekend exploring. Sadly, we left at 4 p.m. and took the train back to the campus. I would definitely recommend going to Lyon if you get the chance. It’s magical.

I don’t really know how to use my wordpress now that they’ve updated it. There isn’t really an option to add photos, only a gallery. So, I hope this post turns out okay and that everything is coherent. Ciao!  


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