Chez Tante Heli

Hello! I’m going to make this post short since my eyes are closing, but I wanted to get you caught up on everything that’s been happening. Friday, after school, my aunt Helen (who we call Heli), picked us up and took us out. We had a delicious Mediterranean meal in France, and then went to her house in Switzerland. We walked around a quaint little town where I bought some tea and chocolates. For dinner, she made quinoa patties and a fresh salad. It was amazing. It’s a good thing we don’t eat with her every day because we’d definitely be fat.  

This morning we ate a delicious breakfast of bread, croissants, homemade jam, fresh fruit, and coffee and tea. It absolutely hit the spot. My grandma took the train to my aunt’s and we went to church together. Today was the first time Rachel and I had seen my grandma in over 5 years! We were so excited, as was she. Our friend Matthieu met us at Heli’s for lunch. His dad and my dad are friends, and he spent about 6 weeks at our house last summer. We had another delicious meal of gratin, pea salad, cooked carrots, and salad. For dessert, my grandma brought her famous flourless chocolate cake. (My dad’s favorite!) It is absolutely amazing. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?! I love the picture I snapped of Rachel and her. We’ve missed her so much. 

After lunch Matthieu left and we went on a walk in the vineyards close by. We had a view of Lake Geneva as well. It was warm out and we really enjoyed it. As evening came, we took my grandma to the train station and then packed up and headed back to Collonges. It was so refreshing to spend a weekend with my family. I wish i could every weekend, but our schedules are always so full of outings that it’s hard to get away! We’re going to try to do something next weekend with my grandma, so hopefully that will pan out. Tomorrow we go to Chamonix and Mont Blanc. So now, i bid you bonne nuit. 


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