Mont Blanc

Today was absolutely amazing. We took a bus to Chamonix, the town located below Mont Blanc. We took two different gondolas up to the top. Because the gondolas only run every few minutes, they pack people in them like sardines. The picture isn’t very good quality, but it’s just to get an idea of the space. There were probably around 50 people in one at a time. Many people in the middle weren’t holding on to anything. There were checkpoints during the first gondola ride. The gondola would go through them, drop, and then swing back and forth. Soft screams could be heard the first time we experienced one. I didn’t want to look down the entire ride. We were up so high. It didn’t help that we were swaying. 

We were given 45 minutes on the top. There is a cafe there and a gift shop. A glass box hanging from the highest peak can be accessed by elevator. We wanted to go take pictures in it, but found out that cameras weren’t allowed. They take your picture (and your money). The line was really long, so we decided against it. 

There were several lookout points at the top. The view was incredible. Hikers were making their way up and down the snow-covered mountains. Clouds constantly traveled overhead and a crisp breeze bit our faces. But the sun was out and the view was marvelous. I realize most of the pictures are pretty similar, but I loved them too much not to share. The panorama of the gondola got a little messed up, but it gives you a broader view of the landscape. I really wish we had had more time on the mountain and even to hike a bit. I definitely want to come back and do that on my own time. It’s well worth it. 

It’s raining right now and will be all week. I love it, but it might make our outings a bit interesting. I hope everyone had a bon weekend. A toute a l’heure. 


2 thoughts on “Mont Blanc

  1. Was absolutely amazing trip! Loved it! Too bad you didn`t go up to the glass box thing though, they dont let you take your camera with you, but will use your camera to take a picture of you or even film you if you let them, and dont charge anything for it. I was very well impressed by this. Nothing I´d expect to see in Portugal, unfortunately.

  2. Oh and the time we got up there, was way too short for my liking… I would have liked at least a couple of hours. I didnt even have a chance to see the museum. I mean Chamonix was alright but we were given only 40 mins on the tallest point in Europe?! Come on…

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