Sabbaths in Collonges

Bon Sabbat from Collonges! It is about 3 in the afternoon here and we are relaxing. This morning we went to church. Each Sabbath we have the option of sitting in the balcony where there is a translator, or of sitting in the main sanctuary. I want the girls to try and read words in context as much as possible. We always sit in the main sanctuary. Today’s sermon was about being the salt of the earth, based on the texts in Matthew. The woman was an excellent speaker and I understood almost everything. The message was really good. 

Every week there are strings during the song service. Mostly youth and children play the violins, cellos, and flutes. Today there was even a bass clarinet! It sounded really nice. 

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This is Maddi, Rachel, Gielle and me after church. It’s been cloudy/rainy out this past week. We’re ready for some sunshine. 

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This is some of us girls eating a delicious lunch of pasta and pasta. (Yep, two different kinds of pasta as the “entree”). From left to right: Meagan, Maddi, Rachel, Michelle, Gielle. 

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There is a stray cat who wanders around the campus. Sometimes we find her in the dorm, and the deans and workers put her outside. I heard someone is feeding her though. She’s so friendly and sweet! She’ll meow at people who walk by. Her name tag says “Simba” but I think that’s a pathetic name for an elegant female cat. I call her Felicia. I get really excited every time I see her. She makes me miss my cats. 

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This afternoon we are lounging around. My stomach isn’t feeling well (probably all that pasta) so I’m going to take a little nap and then maybe go for a walk, if it’s not raining. The sky is dramatic and the clouds are really pretty, but I wish it would get sunny. Monday is France’s national holiday and if the weather is good we will see a firework show. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that it clears up! 

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Tomorrow we are visiting some cities around Lake Geneva. I’m really excited to walk around there. We may even meet up with my grandma, which will be nice. Hope everyone is having (or will have, I guess) a happy Sabbath! 


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