Saying Goodbye

Today was our last day at Collonges. It was bittersweet. 

These past few days we have been bonding so much. Monday night we played laser tag for three hours straight. Tuesday we went to Geneva and shopped, and then had worship that night. We ate with our cousins David and Sarah and had a lovely home-cooked meal of vegan macaroni and cheese! It was such a treat. 

image (4)

This was taken post laser tag.

Last night the staff threw a party for us. We had a feast and then played some games. We were divided into four teams by the suit of the cards we chose. I was on the hearts team. We had to choreograph a dance for a mash up of songs. I am such a terrible dancer, but we were laughing the whole time. We had so much fun. Next came karaoke. Then, we all let loose and had a dance party in the cafeteria. After we sweated it out, we walked back to the dorms in the rain. It was really refreshing. Quite a few of us stayed up and watched White Chicks and talked. I happened to have stayed up until 3:30, and am consequently exhausted right now.

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Today we played games instead of having class. My teacher is so fun. We took a class selfie, but it was on her phone, and I haven’t received it from her. As a class, we bought her a scarf as a goodbye present. I think she liked it.

We received certificates for the level of French we completed. A ceremony was held. As soon as it was finished, several of us hopped into a van and escorted Njord to the airport.

The Geneva airport is about a half hour away from the school. We blasted our theme songs one last time. Everyone was singing, but it wasn’t the same, knowing our time had come to a close. It was very bittersweet. 

We stayed with him until we couldn’t anymore. I didn’t think it would be this hard to leave a group of people I’ve only known for 6 weeks, but it was hard. Living with people and spending 24/7 with them really makes you bond. Tears were shed as we said our goodbyes.

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Max and Njord breaking hearts. I did a good job of keeping cool but when I saw these guy hugging goodbye, I got so sad.

I’ve learned so much at Collonges. I’ve learned that sometimes it takes going out of your comfort zone to really experience life. At first I had the wrong attitude. About everything. But after I was pushed a little, I learned to soak up every experience. I went on every trip and to every function. I met people from different countries and tried to learn as much as I could about their cultures. Because of this, I made lasting friendships with people who I never would have met if I hadn’t come to Collonges. 

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photo - Copy

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These are just some of the amazing people I met while here. I’m so blessed to have known them, and hope to stay in contact with them for years to come. I’m so grateful for my time in Collonges, and to everyone who made it so special. I will forever be changed because of    this summer. 


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